What's unique about our candles?

How do we celebrate what’s important to you?

— POTC candles are designed with you in mind. They have the most amazing throw — so much more powerful than your standard scented candle. The fragrance travels quickly through your space and is long-lasting even after the candle has been extinguished.

— We use a unique French artisanal method. Our fragrance compositions are also inspired by the region.

— Our signature three wick model is imposing in its thick and solid vessel. The candle burns evenly and quickly thanks to this three wick configuration. Our unique blend of high-grade fragrance and pure essential oils guarantees a very quick, long-lasting diffusion, without the use of preservatives in the wax. 

— We use non-toxic vegetable wax – a luxurious blend of mainly coconut and rapeseed wax which retains fragrance extremely well without additives, is vegan, with no paraffin or animal derivatives. Our wax comes largely from Europe, is sustainable and free from any deforestation associations.

— We use cotton wicks, so our candles burn clean and quietly.

— Our fragrances are designed to elevate your mood and your interiors too. A POTC candle is a piece to be celebrated, proudly on show.

— Our elegant minimal white containers and lids are reusable. The metal lids are designed to effortlessly snuff out your candles. They also preserve your candles from dust and can also be used to place your candles on while burning or recycled as coasters – protecting your surfaces from drink glasses.  Our containers are reusable as plant pots, to store cosmetics and stationery, or as sweet vases for seasonal flower arrangements throughout your home.

– We are invested in utilising the highest quality products, from our scents down to our packaging – which is recycled and observes measures towards sustainability. Everything we use is put to strict quality control tests, sometimes lasting months and even years. The end result is a product whose craftsmanship you can trust.

— Our British-born Nigerian Founder Karimah Ashadu is our in-house “Nose” and uniquely creates all our fragrance compositions. An avid traveller, POTC encompasses her adventurous and whimsical spirit.