Burnt Basil Luxury Candle


  • Weight: 350g. 12.3oz
  • Burn time: 50 hours
  • Wax: coconut rapeseed blend


“Burnt Basil” is a niche luxury candle with an unusual and distinct fragrance that is not for the faint hearted. Deep herbal notes of aniseed Persian basil interweave with fresh grassy parsley. Light citrus bergamot cuts through the depth and intensity of wood smoke.
Burnt Basil is an androgynous and unforgettable candle perfect for rule-breakers.

Three wick signature candle housed in thick white glass vessel with white metal lid logo embossed. Lid is also a snuffer and coaster. Premium monochrome packaging with cardboard inserts – luxury white quilted box and gold embossed labels.


  • Top – Bergamot
  • Heart – Basil, Wood smoke
  • Base – Parsley

Candle Care

Burn candle for 1 hour minimum and 3 hours maximum. After first burn, always ensure wicks are trimmed to 5mm before lighting. For optimum burn, allow entire surface to melt. Keep away from drafts, flammables, unstable surfaces, children and pets. Never leave burning candles unattended. Allow candle to become solid before relighting. Avoid blowing out candles as hot wax can be hazardous. Extinguish with a snuffer or candle lid. After burning, leave glass to cool before touching. Please see our FAQs for further details.

2 reviews for Burnt Basil Luxury Candle

  1. Tom (store manager)

    I am sat here this evening burning this oddly satisfying candle, Burnt Basil.

    It’s presented in a beautiful minimalist white glass jar and looks cool, clean and modern with the aesthetics of a talented designer.

    The 350g of wax is made of a coconut rapeseed blend and it has three wicks, which burn straight and true for up to 50 hours.

    I’ve lit Burnt Basil for the last three evenings, acquainting myself with the curious aroma in different settings. It’s just so edgy and original. I looove the smell of basil but this is not your typical herby green basil fragrance.

    The notes are bergamot, Persian basil, wood smoke and parsley. There’s an almost anise accord from the basil and the throw feels deeply herbal but in a warm, glowing way rather than being overly verdant. The wood smoke is lightly acrid – imagine burning palo santo – and it’s balanced by a fresh grassy parsley note.

    I don’t know. It shouldn’t work. It’s really not an easy aroma. It’s certainly not what I imagine most people would aspire to make their home smell like. Most people.

    But this is not for them! This, my loves, is for those of us who like to do things differently. Those of us who want to be challenged. Us who crave new and different experiences. Untypical us. We don’t conform to the norms.

    And so I continue burning it. I find myself reaching for the scent in the air. Searching it out. Catching it. Puzzling over it some more, yet thoroughly enjoying every moment.

    Its artfulness is unrestrained, untamed. And it’s completely charming and totally unique.

    Tom @thescentiest

  2. Emma (store manager)

    Let me introduce Basil like you’ve never it known before.

    Herbaceous in a way that is warm and spicy, this leaf veers from fresh and green to bold, aromatic and wonderfully unique. This is Basil smoked with smouldering wood and lightened by the spiky sweet tones of aniseed and bergamot. There is a subtle layer of greenness offered by grassy parsley and almost the memory of lush plump leaves freshly plucked and fragrant between agile fingers.

    A powerful challenge, this striking presence is unusual and distinctive. The aesthetic is clean, minimal with an embossed metal lid, allowing this statement piece to speak for itself. For those daring and adventurous noses, this candle is a conversation starter.
     I say so because my husband, usually oblivious to the varying fragrances of our home, repeatedly mentioned how much he liked this one and I had to stop him taking it to work with him.

    It’s 3 wicks ensure an easy meltpool and a mega-watt throw, though they do burn through the wax at a slightly faster rate, it’s such a large vessel you still get 50+ hrs. Mine lasted 62, working out at roughly just under £1/€1 an hr of quality, luxury fragrance.

    Pieces of the Cloud is a brand founded on principles of Art, Interior Design and Perfumery, disciplines which suffuse and enhance this customer experience. You can see it in the thoughtfulness of the packaging, the chic vessel and in the avant-garde scent combinations Karimah offers. Blends such as Roses & Tomatoes, Earl Grey & Iris of which I am very intrigued. I was unsure of the sound of Burnt Basil initially as I am very picky when it comes to herbal blends but this candle really appeals to my love of a smoky, original accord.

    Thank you Pieces of the Cloud for widening my horizons.

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