Roses & Tomatoes Luxury Candle


  • Weight: 350g. 12.3oz
  • Burn time: 50 hours
  • Wax: coconut rapeseed blend


The piquant acidity of sun-ripened tomatoes and verdant tomato leaf cuts through sweet heady Damask rose in our “Roses and Tomatoes” luxury scented candle. This niche scented candle leads with key notes of damask rose and mediterranean tomatoes at its core, an undertone of freshly cut grass and woody-earthy moss reiterates this verdurous celebration. A bold, niche fragrance for the brave-hearted seeking something unique – a sense of adventure, glamour, and revelry.

Three wick signature candle housed in thick white glass vessel with white metal lid logo embossed. Lid is also a snuffer and coaster. Premium monochrome packaging with cardboard inserts – luxury white quilted box and gold embossed labels.


  • Top – Tuberose
  • Heart – Damask Rose, Tomato
  • Base – Cut grass, Moss, Tomato leaf

Candle Care

Burn candle for 1 hour minimum and 3 hours maximum. After the first burn, always ensure wicksare trimmed to 5mm before lighting. For optimum burn, allow the entire surface to melt. Keep away from drafts, flammables, unstable surfaces, children, and pets. Never leave burning candles unattended. Allow the candle to become solid before relighting. Avoid blowing out candles as hot wax can be hazardous. Extinguish with a snuffer or candle lid. After burning, leave the glass to cool before touching. Please see our FAQs for further details.

3 reviews for Roses & Tomatoes Luxury Candle

  1. Kendra

    Greetings from California, USA!

    This review is for the Roses and Tomatoes candle, which I received as a birthday gift and have been enjoying for several months now. It truly has been the gift that keeps on giving, and I find myself saving it for those times when I really need to feel grounded and at ease. This scent is surprisingly harmonious, as you would not immediately think of roses paired with tomatoes, but as someone who loves to garden, this has been a uniquely perfect candle for me. I can light this candle in one room and enjoy its scent throughout my home. I look forward to my next POTC candle. Bravo!

  2. Franzi

    I just love it – my new favourite candle! I put it on, whenever I feel in need of self care, read a book or do yoga. It just creates this very special, soothing but empowering, positive atmosphere – the fact that it has 3 wicks and this harmonious but unique scent which spreads throughout my whole apartment makes it very special. It’s more than just a candle but has become a beautiful part of my apartments interior design and self care routine!

  3. Charlott (verified owner)

    I received Roses & Tomatoes for Christmas and its my favourite scented candle now. The scent is unique, the fragrance paints a Mise-en-scène of freshly cut flowers; a sunny day in the green house; hands immersed in soil; a basket of freshly harvested tomatoes – stimulating and refined. It’s a vibe!

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