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Raising the Vibrational Value of my Home

I ensure that my home is the cosiest, happiest and most luxurious version of itself, beyond Interior Design by incorporating these below concepts.

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Clutter Blocks

Clutter creates dense energy. And I’m not just talking about the seen clutter, rather the unseen – drawers, wardrobes, even the things in your attic or basement. Attics and basements are exceptionally important spaces because they act as containers for energy. Energy often flows up and down like in your body, and can tend to get stuck in these up down spaces.

I tackle this by quickly opening some drawers or a cupboard. How does it make me feel? If it’s anything less than joyful, then it’s time to bring in some joy.

I get rid of anything that doesn’t make me feel good.

Now I get it, where to find the time? Listen, I’m a mum to a boisterous toddler, working full time and I’m always pushed timewise. But I find an hour in the evening, put on my favourite podcast and some headphones. Grab a glass of wine or I do love a calming sleep tea with herbs from Miraherba. Then I delve into those cluttered spaces and organise in a way that makes sense to me. While it’s fine to seek inspiration from instagram or Pinterest, if it’s not conducive to my lifestyle or practical – forget it.

Scent and Air

I regularly add flourishes of greenery – green plants, fresh flowers or even dried flowers. Bring greenery into my home deepens its connection to nature. Greenery of course improves air quality, and flora is symbolic of the cycle of life, which we are all connected to. I’m not the best at keeping plants alive these days so it’s dried flowers and wreathes for me.

It’s important to create routines around scenting my space. This could be anything such as lighting some incense or palo santo after the evening meal or first thing in the morning.

I smudge my space regularly with bundles of white sage or palo santo; natural herbs and tree elements that are scientifically proven to cleanse negative energy away.

Lighting a candle for an hour a day – in the morning while getting ready for work or in the evening while winding down, resets energy all round. Scenting my space regularly, ensures it always smells as good as it can. I’m obsessed with making sure that first scent hit when I open my front door is as pleasant and inviting as it can be.

Airing out my apartment regularly, especially in the winter when the heating air tends to make things condensed, is essential for a positive air flow.

The great thing about POTC candles is that they are incredibly potent – my space remain strongly scented even when a window is opened to let in a blast of fresh air.

Training Thoughts

The thoughts you hold in your head about your home, affects the energy of your space. I always try to make sure that I’m thinking positive, thankful thoughts about my home and everything in it, even the appliances.

Perhaps you live in a rented apartment and your dream is to own your own home in the not too distant future.

If you’re constantly thinking negatively about your “small, cramped” apartment, guess what? It will feel small, cramped and miserable. You will feel stuck.

Instead, imbue your thoughts with gratitude and think of your bijoux, cosy nest that provides you with warmth, shelter and space for all your things. You will soon find that you’re literally in a space of gratitude and less resistance, able to easily attract and align with what it is you truly desire.

You will find inspiration coming to you about how to make your current space the best it can be, as well as how to open yourself up energetically to more opportunities to bring in more abundance in order to increase your income and attain your dream future space. Louise Hay’s book “You can Heal your Life”, is a great starting point for bringing more happiness to your thoughts.

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