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Travel Diary – Venice, Italy

Travel is a necessity for me, as I am absolutely energised by being in different countries, understanding human nature through diverse cultures, and immersing myself in the history and vibe of a place. I currently live between Hamburg and Lagos, and a bonus of my job as an artist is that I get to travel often.

Although travelling has changed in the last two years due to being a toddler mum, I’ve somehow managed to adapt; honestly speaking it is quite challenging! I’ll share my essentials for easeful travelling with a child in another post.

But it’s worth it as my babe starts experiencing the world from a young age like my parents did with me. I started travelling with him as soon as he was born, now at 2 years old he’s privileged to have seen some wonderful places.

Venice Biennale – International Art Exhibition

We were recently in Venice, Italy, with the rest of the family who gathered to show their support, as I had the pleasure of being invited to exhibit my work in the 60th Venice Biennale, titled “Foreigners Everywhere”.

I subsequently won the prize of the “Silver Lion for a promising young participant”, so I was quite thrilled to say the least.

Gifting our Candles

One of the ways I love showing appreciation to others is by gift giving. So I just couldn’t resist gifting some dear and respected supporters and Curators some of our POTC candles.

For instance, Beatrice Bulgari who supports the production of my artwork through her wonderful foundation “Fondazione in Between Art Film“, received an Earl Grey and Iris candle with its harmonious blend of delicate black tea, citrus bergamot and powdery Iris flower.

I thought this aptly symbolised her powerful feminine essence, while Adriano Pedrosa, Curator of the 60th Venice Biennale, received my favourite Roses and Tomatoes candle, with its distinct sweet and earthy notes of damask rose, tomato leaf and fresh mossy grass, a nod to his curious and self-assured nature.

The 60th International Art Exhibition runs until Sunday 24 November, 2024. My video installation “Machine Boys”, 2024, can be seen in the Arsenale section.